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Are you tired of being tired? Too busy to make it to the gym? Want to maximize your results? I’ll help you do it! I can be your coach for FREE. All I ask for is your desire to succeed and I want your result. Join our team NOW!

Why? Because I’m a regular guy with 2 kids, full-time job and have done it myself. I’ve done one round of P90X Classic, one round of INSANITY, and am currently doing a hybrid of the two. I understand what it takes to get our mind and body ready for the workout. I learned how to overcome the daily grind and get into the best shape of our lives. Now I’m helping others do the same! (Read my full story here)

What I Don’t Want
  • I don’t want your money
  • I don’t want to hear your excuses

If you need someone to guide you through your journey and share your struggles, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a male who is overweight and looking to lose the fat and get ripped, or a female looking to tone up, or someone who is skinny and trying to gain mass, or needing advice on your diet plan, I can help!

What I Offer


  • I’ll help you set the right calorie goal
  • I’ll suggest and determine the right foods to eat for the best results
  • I promote a sustainable lifestyle change, not a short-term diet
  • I’ll recommend the supplements that work best so you don’t have to experiment from scratch
  • I’m your accountability partner to guide you through and keep you motivated
  • Additional team-based support on Facebook, Twitter.

Whenever you’re ready, simply sign up by clicking on the button below. Make sure you email me ([email protected]) after you join! I will be following up with you very soon.

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To Become a Coach

Why not make money by working out? Team FearlessLeeFit is part of a top Beachbody coaching team in the country! My personal coach is the Top Beachbody Coach of 2011 and 2012. Yes, two years in a row! What I’ve learned from him will be passed on to you so that you can be just as or even more successful. We are a team of passionate, genuine and hard working people looking to duplicate our success so that you can be successful in your business. You can learn more about the benefit of coaching by clicking here.

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Coach Al