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Join/Start a Challenge Group

So what is a Beachbody Challenge Group?

Ever felt like you were alone in your quest to getting fit and ripped? Or lacking the motivation to continue? Well, a challenge group can combat just that and it has helped me tremendously in getting through P90X. It’s basically a group of up to 5 people doing the same program (or different program with the same length), using the same supplements, and having them all stay accountable to each other, all while having me as your coach during the entire period.

  • Private Support groups for daily motivation
  • We help you setup your nutrition plan
  • Everyone replaces 1 meal a day with Shakeology
  • Daily check-ins via Facebook and/or Beachbody message board
  • Weekly weigh-ins and measurements
  • Monthly progress photos (kept private!)

Do we workout with the group members in person?

All Beachbody programs are created for the comfort of our own home. You work out at home, log on to “SuperGym” on Beachbody’s website to record your workout and see others doing the same in real time. I’ll also be creating specific Facebook group (with your own chosen team name), and all group members including me will be there to stay in contact and support each other during the entire program commitment. If you live close to the other group members, you’re definitely welcome to workout with each other in person!

What makes a Challenge Group so effective?

Let me be honest. If it hadn’t been for the challenge group, I wouldn’t have had completed P90X. I believe there’s a love-hate relationship when it comes to challenges. It could bring some people stress but it also highly motivates people. We’re committing ourselves to the same daily workout, same dietary requirement, and to checking in with each other everyday through Facebook and emails. There may be some friendly competition going on among the members, forcing you to push even harder to achieve better results. It’s fun to see someone tries outdo another by pushing for one more rep in push-ups. Time will pass so fast and that before you know it you’re at the finish line!

How to join/start a Challenge Group?

It’s actually very easy. The hardest part is over which is the part to get yourself interested enough to read thus far 🙂 Here are the 3 easy steps to be in a group and start your fitness journey.

STEP 1. Make me your coach

As you already know (or may not know I guess), it’s free to make me your coach. By making me your coach, you will have constant access to me for questions and support and I will be checking in daily with each challenge group.

Sign me up as your Free Coach  >>

STEP 2. Get a Beachbody Challenge Pack and use Shakeology

Pick a program like P90X or P90X2 (90 day program), Insanity (60-day program), Insanity Asylum (30-day program), Turbo Fire (90-day program; extremely popular for the ladies!), or any Beachbody programs. It’s also a requirement to be using Shakeology daily during the program to get the best results! You’re saving $$$ by ordering a workout and Shakeology together in a challenge pack.

News Flash: INSANITY Challenge Pack is ON SALE starting April 1, 2013. See details.

>> Don’t have a program? Find the right one for you here:

Shop & Compare Challenge Packs  >>

>> Already have the workout program? Then just order Shakeology.

TIPS: You get FREE shipping when select HD – Home Direct which will ship to you each month.

STEP 3. Email me so that I’ll put you in a group

Once you’ve signed up, email me ([email protected]) or via the contact form so that I can pair you up with the other 4 members or if you would like to have your own group of people, let me know.

STEP 4. Document your progress, plug in & stay engaged!

The very first thing that you will need to do is to take your “Day 1” photo. Second is share your goals with me and everyone else in the group. Once in the group, you will need to post daily that you’ve completed your workout, followed the diet, and ask any questions or provide support to the other group members. While going through your journey, you’re going to want to make sure you take progress photos every 15 days (I did that every week) and share them with the group if you like. This way you can show each other that you’re getting results and staying committed! If you want, you can hold certain challenge within your group as well, such as who loses the most weight during that week and/or in the end. 🙂

Commit & Document  >>

STEP 5. Submit your before-and-after result & Win Prizes!

Beachbody will be giving a way daily, monthly, quarterly, and even a grand prize of $100,000 for those with best results. This is the by far the best way to get the result that you always dreamed of. Nothing can beat the genuine support, encouragement, friendly competition, and some added prizes   during your fitness journey. I can’t wait to help you guys and gals reach your goals!

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Are you ready to be the next success story?


Coach Al


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