Shaun T's INSANITY MAX 30 is HERE! Limited Time Offer!

Shaun T’s INSANITY MAX:30 is Here! Order Now!

Introducing INSANITY MAX:30


With INSANITY, Shaun T gave you a year’s worth of results in only 60 days. And now, 5 years later, it’s time for INSANITY MAX 30—the hardest 30 minutes of your life. There’s no equipment needed; just push to your MAX and get insane results in 30 minutes a day!  In INSANITY MAX 30, the only thing standing between you and the body you want… is YOU. Every day you’ll push a little harder, go a little longer, and dig a little deeper. It’s not about finishing the workout—it’s about seeing how far you’ll go before you MAX OUT.

Order the Challenge Pack between December 2nd and December 31st, 2014, you only need to pay $180, instead of the regular $205!! Plus, you’ll receive a FREE $25 Amazon Gift Card exclusively from me! Keep reading to learn more.

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How is INSANITY MAX 30 different than Insanity or T25?

INSANITY MAX 30 will consist of 30 minute workouts, but it’s taken to a whole new level from T25. It’s going to be the toughest 150 new cardio and strength moves from Shaun T to help sculpt you body in 60 days!

Will INSANITY MAX 30 have phases?

Yes.  It will be broken down into two 30-day phases.

What will the INSANITY MAX 30 workouts look like?

You’ll do three strength or cardio moves for a few rounds. After killing those three moves, Shaun T will be nice enough to give you a short rest. The idea behind it is like HIIT training or Tabatta to have you burning MAX calories and MAX fat; even after the workout! In month two (Phase 2), Shaun T adds a minute POWER MOVE after the three moves for ultimate results.  Intense moves, with the option of modifying, making you max out to the fullest – this is why Insanity Max 30 will be the most effective workout to date.

Is there equipment needed for INSANITY MAX 30?

No sir!  Nothing!  You will be using your own body weight just like we did in Insanity. There will be drop sets and all kinds of ways to feel the “burn” throughout every muscle!

Will INSANITY MAX 30 have modifications?

Unlike Insanity, there will be a modifier at all times – and you will be able to see the modifier at all times. You will have the option to be able to choose if you want to watch JUST the modifier or JUST Shaun T. This option sounds amazing and will really allow you to grow as you get stronger.  I imagine it being the intensity of Insanity, but with the modifications of Focus T25.

Why is it called INSANITY “30 MAX”?

The philosophy behind this workout is to MAX OUT during every single workout. You may not be able to complete the full 30 minutes at a Shaun T speed, but the program is designed to have you start with Shaun T as long as you can, write down that number you hit, and then drop to modify or take a short break.  This will be the first workout Beachbody has launched that will really push your body to its “maxing out” limits.


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