Getting Started Right -

Getting Started Right

If you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! You have decided to take control of your health and fitness, and you are ready to get maximum results!.

How do we get started right and be successful?

STEP 1. Get a Coach and choose a Workout Program

i. Free Coaching

If you’ve already done this, perfect! Move on to STEP 2. If not, be sure you make me your coach. It’s free, doesn’t cost you a dime, and entitles you to be part of teamFEARLESS so that we can help you every step of the way on your journey to reach your fitness goals. Do that by clicking the “JOIN OUR TEAM!” tab in the top navigation (or by clicking here).

iia. Workout Program – Basic Pack

You may be trying to decide which program is for you. There is something for everyone. You can start with something relatively easy like 10 minute trainer or Slim in 6. You can go for an advance/extreme workout like P90X or Insanity. You can go for an absolutely extreme workout program like P90X2 or Asylum. Or you can do something in between like Les Mills Pump, Power 90, Chalean Extreme, or Turbo Fire. Look in the “FITNESS” tab in the top navigation (or by clicking here) to learn all about the different options you have.

For some of you just deciding to commit your time and money to a workout program is all you can handle for now. I totally relate! I was the same way. If that’s you, just pick a program and start there.

iib. Workout Program – Challenge Pack

However, for those of you who like to get all your ducks in a row from the start, there is a way to SAVE MONEY by ordering a bundle that includes your (1) fitness program, (2) your supplements, and (3) a VIP club membership, along with FREE shipping on everything, for a much reduced rate. That is called a “Challenge Pack” — Compare the different options by clicking here.

Regardless of whether you pick a basic or challenge pack, be sure to also read more about how you can cash in on your results with the “Beachbody Challenge”!

STEP 2. Determine the Equipment you’ll need!

If you choose a workout program like Insanity or Turbo Fire, you won’t need anything except a way to play the DVD’s and something to wipe up all the sweat.

With a workout program that involves resistance training (like P90X, Power 90, and Chalean Extreme), you’ll need some dumbbells or resistance bands. For P90X you’ll need also need a pullup bar (or again you can use the bands to substitute). There are also lots of other nice pieces of equipment you might want to add (not necessary but nice to have, which you can look at in the Equipment and Gear section on Beachbody’s website. The gears are grouped by the workout program so you can click on each program on the left and see what all you could get.

STEP 3. Document and Track Everything

You never know if you’ll be in the next infomercial or in the next set of workout videos that come out! I was embarrassed to take my Day 1 pictures because my body was so out of shape and I didn’t want it to be seen! But I followed the instruction and took some anyway. Little did I know how much my body would change, and luckily I had those Day 1 pics as proof. I wish I had taken more 🙂 Be sure you take good pictures (front, side and back), document your progress with photos, and take measurements along the way. In addition to the scale, you’ll also need a DIY fat caliper to measure your body fat %.

STEP 4. Learn Everything you can about Nutrition

Nutrition will contribute to 80% of your success. I’ve seen so many time where people worked out a lot but hardly saw any visible progress. Mainly reason is they didn’t trust the system and pay attention to the diet and nutrition. You don’t want to waste your next 60 or 90 days working your butt off and end up not seeing the results that you wanted. I repeat, dial in on your diet/nutrition as soon as possible so that you won’t be disappointed in the end.

The level of results you get is in DIRECT PROPORTION to the effort you put into the nutrition. Being part of our team, you must pay attention to your nutrition. I’m fanatical about my nutrition. I track every single meal and record my weight changes every single day without fail. As of March 22 2013, I’ve been tracking and dialing in on my diet for 165 days! Go to the “NUTRITION” tab of this site, take the time and read it, and give yourself the best chance at success! I can guarantee that if you’ll follow the nutrition approach I teach here, your results will be off the charts!

Meeting the calorie target is only the high-level. To be successful, we HAVE TO dial in on the macro-nutrients (protein, carb, and fat) ratio. I use myfitnesspal to keep track of what I eat so that I know whether or not I hit the calorie and macros budget. It’s free and has mobile apps for our phones. You can sign up at, if you don’t already use it. I’ll help you calculate your daily calorie need and your macro ratio. Once you have this information, you can customize your calorie and macros setting on MFP. Here’s the instruction on how to get it setup.

Here are the must-read articles. Please bookmark them if needed:

STEP 5. Plug into the System!

It’s so important to be part of a team when taking this journey. A team will help hold you accountable. A team will keep you motivated. You will become more passionate about your journey as you share it with others. That’s one of the best things about our TEAM — we provide each other with the support, encouragement, and kick in the rear that we all need sometimes.  And be sure to visit our Forum to engage with others. There are several Facebook groups we have for our team depending on what workout program you are doing. Don’ t sit back and fall through the cracks. PLUG IN!!

i. Team Facebook Page

LIKE” our Team Facebook Page and get daily motivational quote and frequent tips/updates from me:

ii. Challenge Group Page

If you’re in the Challenge Group, I’ll setup exclusive Facebook page for just that group so that you can interact with those in the same group. You also have the option of joining our RIPPED XIV (2014) Challenge Group page where hundreds of team members and coaches are already a part of. Please click the “Request to Join” button on the Facebook page and email me so that I can approve your request.
(Note: make sure you introduce yourself when you join)

iii. Accountability Support Group Page

Don’t use Facebook? No problem, you can join my Support Group page on Team Beachbody’s website.

iv. MyFitnessPal

Also, you can add me on MFP to see exactly what Coach Al is eating every day (LOL) and hold yourself accountable to me and the rest of the group. My screen name is “Proton77“.

I also have a Support Group setup on MFP. Please feel free to plug in there – just click here.


STEP 6. Be Persistent

These workouts are HARD! Eating right is HARD! Breaking old habits is HARD! You won’t like it at first. You’ll be sore. You’ll be tired. You’ll feel like crap some days. Suck it up and push play! That’s the key! We all go through the same thing. Successful people push through and keep going. Quitters quit. You have to make the commitment that no matter how you feel, you will keep showing up and keep pushing yourself to improve! These articles shed the light on what you will go through and how to have your mind right = “Struggling”, “Just do it Period”, and “How do you feel?”

STEP 7. Set Lofty Goals & Land your spot in the Hall of Fame!

I kept pushing myself every day, and got awesome results. If you’ll do the same, there is no reason you won’t do the same. Your road may look different than mine, but if you are taking steps every day to get yourself closer to your goal, I can guarantee that you will get there! People ask me when I started seeing results, or they get worried if they have ups and downs in their weight loss along the way.

But put all the doubts and fears aside, and set your goals BIG! Then have a single-minded focus on getting to those goals! Be “Fanatical”! And I’ll save you a spot in my website Hall of Fame just for you!



Coach Al

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