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7 Ways to Overcome Your Workout Laziness


So you’ve skipped a few workouts or have been having a hard time sticking to the workout schedule? How do you overcome that when everything else is more appealing than working out? More often than not, all you need is a little switch-up in your routine to get things back on track. Check out this 7 ways to overcome your workout laziness.

Reset your priority

First off, if you start to skip even one workout, you need to recognize that it’s going to get worse. It could be skipping one workout a month, then turn into once a week, once every other day, to eventually skipping days and weeks in a row.

Don’t let that happen! You must reset your priority and put working out near, if not, the top of the list. Think workout first. Just like how it was when you first started.

Play your favorite tunes

workout-musicGetting bored with the background music in P90X, Insanity and other Beachbody workout? It’s really easy to mute the background music that you’re getting sick of (e.g. Insanity gives you an option to do so) and play your favorite music via headphones or through another set of speakers. A simple switch-up like so will make your workout more enjoyable. And guess what, you could actually be pushing harder and longer by jamming out to your favorite tunes 🙂

Join our team challenge groups


I’ve said this over and over again. It’s important to workout in a team environment — even virtually. See, we have a few challenge groups setup on Facebook and on Team Beachbody’s message board. The one on Facebook has more than 1,400 teammates (as of August 2013) posting their accountability and challenges every single day! This is a very effective way to staying motivated over a long period of time. Why? Since you’re in a team oriented setting, you’ll feel supported and have a place to track your workout, ask questions, share progress and ideas, compare your routine with others and even post your weekly challenge, e.g who can do the most chin-ups — all these push you to keep going! See Step 5 in the Getting Started Guide for the links.

Get a workout partner

workout-partnerWhether it’s your wife, lifelong friends, or coworkers, having someone to workout with you and especially next to you will give you a real boost. This is a great way to get instant motivation. And again make a game out of it, e.g. first person to take the extra break buys another one a meal (a healthy one, of course). But make sure you guys stick to routine, help each other out, and don’t give up.

Get inspired and set realistic goals

insanity-workout-sheet-fit-testIn order to stay inspired, you want to feel like you’re getting results—so keep your objectives practical. Look at all the success stories, especially the transformation pictures, in our Facebook challenge group. Some teammates look completely ripped and cut. And some maybe like you who are in the middle of the journey and some who just started. Those who have great results didn’t get there overnight. You must set small, attainable, performance-oriented goals specific to your abilities. Each week, tell yourself you’ll add more reps or weight to your routine e.g. bicep curls.

Think about the health benefits

cholesterol arteryWouldn’t it be nice to finally have the stamina to keep up with your kids? Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer needing to take the pills for your debilitating health problems? As you know, you don’t just workout. You also learn the proper nutrition and diet for your new lifestyle. With all these combined you’ll be healthier and living a more active lifestyle in no time! I had been on that same road and am glad that I took that first step and never looked back. 🙂

Try out new accessories


This may work for someone. I know some teammates like to get new workout outfit every now and then. For guys, a slim cut tank top that showcases your guns; for the ladies, a tight workout pants that showcases your newly found asset LOL. Or a new heart rate monitor, a pair of lifting gloves, weighted vest, dumbbells, yoga mat and what not! Try to throw in a new variable every so often to freshen up your fitness journey. You wouldn’t wear the same cloth and shoes to work every day, would you?


If you have other ideas, please feel free to comment below.