After One Round of P90X & Insanity...How Do I Feel Now -

After One Round of P90X & Insanity…How Do I Feel Now

You may have read about my P90X and Insanity transformation story and seen my embarrassing topless “Before” pictures here 🙂 By looking at those topless pictures, you may have an idea of how much I have changed physically. But what you don’t know is how much I’ve changed mentally and how that has benefited my day-to-day, since. After one round of P90X & Insanity…How do I feel now?

Just to Recap

Before I started my fitness journey in October 2012, I weighed about 190 lbs with 23% body fat, 304 total cholesterol, and 39″ waist. These pictures were taken in 2012.

My family and I in 2012.


Here’s how I felt back then:

  • I was tired the whole time. I yawned a lot — I mean A LOT!
  • I started thinking what I would be eating next even while having a meal. I had no control over how much I ate and what I ate. Besides my religion and family, the only other thing that could really lift my spirit, at least temporarily, was food. I was overly dependent on food!
  • I was always hungry.
  • I didn’t feel like moving my body at all. Sometimes I got light headed by doing moderate physical activities.
  • I couldn’t run non-stop at 5 mph for more than 10 minutes. My legs started hurting and I had hard time catching breath after a few minutes.
  • I got sick easily. Every other month I would have an episode of cold.

Fast Forwarding to 2013

After completing 1 round of P90X, 1 round of Insanity (and I’m currently halfway through a hybrid workout of the 2), my weight is now 151 lbs, body fat% at around 7%, 184 total cholesterol, and 32″ waist.


I also have observed the following improvements:

  • I don’t yawn much if at all!
  • I’m more energetic. Sometimes, after the workout I still have energy for more workout or other physical activities.
  • I pay a lot of attention to nutrition. I focus more on getting what my body needs and less so on what I feel like eating.
  • I rarely get hungry as I’m eating more frequently.
  • I don’t get sick as often. In the past 7 months, I’ve only been sick twice.
  • I’m now able to run at least 30 minutes non-stop at a pace of 6-7 mph. My stamina and breathing are much better.
  • I feel like I can conquer any physical activities.
  • I’m more positive and motivated!

What a HUGE difference the Beachbody fitness programs have made in just a few months. I plan on maintaining this fitness lifestyle for the foreseeable future and hopefully inspire others to do the same. My next challenge is to do a mud/obstacle race and half marathon. My gut (or lack of LOL) tells me that I can do it!