How Often Should You Weight Yourself? -

How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

A lot of “experts” say that you should weigh once a week at the same time in the morning and before meals. Well, I guess I’m no expert because I weigh myself first thing EVERY morning after the bathroom and before meals.

Since I workout 6 out of 7 days, I want to see how and if my diet from the previous day has impacted the weight. I recorded all these into a spreadsheet so that I could see how things trend over my workout period. This daily routine is more of an experiment/obsession than out of necessity.

This process also thought me how lifting weights or having higher sodium intake would impact the weight. I learned not to get discouraged if I’m weight little more than the day before. Our weight could fluctuate up to 5 LBS a day. I’m obsessed about charts so I chart it daily. It’s nice to see the data points trending down—which they always do if I don’t mess up. Keeps me on track.

How often do you weight in?

p90xchart1 p90xchart2


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