Struggling with Fitness? -

Struggling with Fitness?

Hows everyone doing? Are you hitting your reps/weight target? Are you taking extra breaks during the workout? Are you dialed in 100% on your diet?

If you’re struggling, you’re not alone!! Not one says this is going to be EASY. As a matter of fact, most people gave up during the first two weeks of the program. Of those who made it past the second week, half of them gave up halfway through the program. Less than half of the remaining made it to the end. But only a handful of those who finished really dialed in on their diet and see extreme result.

So are you one of the casualties? Or are you a victor? I’m not here to scare those of you who just started the programs. I just wanted to be frank so that there’s no misconception that there’s a magic or easy button here.

If you’re still reading this, you’re likely one of those who have and will come out ahead. Ask yourself this question: why did you start your journey in the first place?

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