Food Sources High In Protein -

Food Sources High In Protein

protein-meatProtein is one of the three energy sources for our body besides carbohydrate and fat. A high-protein and low-carb diet, such as the P90X Fat Shredder Diet, when coupled with proper calorie deficit and exercise is highly effective in shedding that extra fat from our body. I lost roughly 13% of body fat by following this high-protein diet and doing P90X. It took me a while to learn the various type of food source that are high in protein so that I could switch them out every now and then without getting bored.

protein-nutsOur first choice of protein should always come from whole food like poultry, meat, seafood, beans, nuts, eggs, and etc. These food sources are generally considered healthier for our body because they’re not highly processed or engineered. If we have protein budget left in the day or if we want to have a bit more variety for our snacks, we could incorporate other food sources like dairy, beef or turkey jerky and eventually supplements like protein shakes/bars and whey protein.

Food Sources High In Protein

Here are a list of food that I normally eat. The actual protein count could vary depending on the cuts of meats or brands. Make sure you always check the labels for the most accurate information.

Whole Food Serving Size Grams of protein per serving
Lean Red Meat 1 ounce 9 grams
Turkey 1 ounce 9 grams
Chicken 1 ounce 9 grams
Tuna 1 ounce 7 grams
Shrimp 1 ounce 6 grams
Almond ¼ cup 8 grams
Lentils, cooked ½ cup 8 grams
Cow’s milk 1 cup 8 grams
Kidney beans, cooked ½ cup 8 grams
Whole Egg, cooked 1 large 7 grams
Soy milk 1 cup 6 grams
Quinoa ½ cup 4 grams
Egg White, cooked 1 large 4 grams
Bulgur, kasha, oats, cooked ½ cup 3 grams



Other protein food sources that are processed or are not in whole food form:

Processed Food Serving Size Grams of protein per serving
Whey Protein 1 scoop 20 – 27 grams (see label)
Beef Jerky 1 ounce 15 grams
Low Fat Cottage Cheese ½ cup 10 grams
Tofu ½ cup 9 grams


Some of these foods while are high in protein, they could also be high in fat. So be sure to check out the labels before you purchase them. For example, a quarter cup of almonds have just as much fat as protein, although the fats from almonds are healthy fat. Also, beef jerky and cottage cheeses are normally high in sodium which could affect our health if consumed excessively. It’s wise to use to keep track of your food intake so that you don’t go over your macro and micro nutrients for the day.

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