The Meat for Muscle Building -

The Meat for Muscle Building

tony-hortonTony Horton says “… 8 to 10 reps if you want (to increase muscle) size.” For those of you who are doing P90X, you must be familiar with this phrase. I started out my P90X journey using 20 lbs for bicep curls and 30 lbs for shoulder presses. Lately, my goal is to increase mass (or at least maintain my muscle size since I’m still on a slight calorie deficit) so I’ve been using heavier weight and doing 8-10 reps in my weight lifting — 30 lbs for the bicep curls and 40 lbs for shoulder press. In addition, I’m also maintaining a 45% protein, 35% carb and 20% fat diet. The result has been promising. An article that I came across recently talked about the meat for muscle building and beef is the meat of choice.

lean-stripsIn order to maintain, repair, and build muscle, our body requires protein. As I’ve mentioned before, we should try to source as much of our protein from whole food as possible. If we can’t get/eat that much protein from whole , we can then consider using supplements like whey protein. My whole food protein choices normally consist of chicken breast, egg whites, tuna and turkey breast (see more here). After I read the article, I’m now considering to add or substitute some of my existing protein food with beef.

lean-filletBeef not only helps younger folks build muscle but may also protect older guys from age-related muscle loss. According to the researchers from McMaster University, they recruited men in their late 50s and early 60s and asked each to fork down ground beef in 2-ounce, 4-ounce, or 6-ounce portions. Among those who ate the largest servings, several measures of muscle repair and growth jumped roughly 50 percent compared to men who ate no beef at all, the research shows. Rates of muscle growth were even better among big beef eaters who lifted weights before chowing down, the study finds.

Although the smaller beef portions also boosted protein synthesis and muscle activity—and may be adequate for younger guys—the sub-6-ounce helpings weren’t enough to offset age-related muscle loss, the study authors say.

lean-ground-beefAs we age, our body has a harder time synthesizing protein quickly enough to keep up with muscle loss, even if we’re lifting weights. Beef contains several essential amino acids in proportions similar to those found in human muscle. And, when consumed in large-enough portions, these amino acids appear to counteract this age-related muscle breakdown and spur muscle growth. These same beefy benefits will help younger man pack on more muscle after workouts, according to the study.

So what’s the best cut of beef for bodybuilding? Well, ones that are lean. You don’t want to chow down too much of those rib eye steaks since they’re higher in fat. New York strips (without the fat part), fillet or even lean ground beef are good choices for us.


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