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5 Ways You Can Use Your Smartphone to Get Fit

Do you have an iPhone, Android, or Window Phones? Or all of the aboves? LOL Chances are you’re probably looking at the screen of your phone every 5 minutes or so. Are you using it for something productive or just wasting your time away. You might be surprised to find out that when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape, your smartphone can be one of your most powerful tool!

Why not use it to get fit or stay in shape like I do? Here are 5 ways you can use your smartphone to get fit:

1. Take Progress Pictures

Like I’ve mentioned in the Getting Started Right guide, it’s important to document your progress. Pictures speak a thousand words right? In addition to taking the before and after pictures, also take pictures on a weekly basis to see how you have progressed overtime. If you’re really fanatic about this, you can even take it everyday and compile them into a time lapsed video later 🙂

Apps: Just use the built-in camera app for this.

2. Track Your Diet

Track, track and track your food! Regardless of whether you’re in the weight loss phase or the mass building phase, you’ve got to track what you eat, their calories as well as their macro nutrients. This is especially useful when you’re trying new food or eating out. You want to know what kind of impact the food does to your caloric and macro budgets. Whether it’s damaging or not.

Apps: I use and recommend MyFitnessPal. I’ve been using it for more than 205 straight days (as of 5/2/13)!


3. View Inspiration Stories and Videos

Nothing is more inspiring than reading the success stories and watching the transformation videos of those who’ve succeeded! There are hundreds if not thousands of this out there (here‘s mine). All you have to do is to google for it.

Apps: Built-in web browsers, YouTube app.


4. Interact with Your Coach & the Team

Get yourself plugged into our many social media outlets to interact with each others, get support and encouragement, and kick others in the rear (or get kicked) which is something that we all need sometimes.  The key outlets are this website – FearlessLeeFit.com, our team Facebook page and our closed/exclusive Challenge Group Facebook page where more than 1,000 members and coaches are plugged in!!

Apps: Built-in web browsers, Facebook app.


Team Facebook Page


Closed Group Page






5. Follow Your Workout

If for whatever reason you need to do your workout outside of the comfort of your home (e.g. sometimes I workout at the company gym during lunch break or if you’re traveling), you can download the workout sheets to your smartphone and use it as a guide!

Apps: Adobe Reader app









If you’re doing P90X, there’s iPhone app for that! You can download it here.

P90X iPhone App

P90X iPhone App

Hope these tips will make your fitness journey easier and more enjoyable! If you have any other smartphone fitness tips, please let me know by commenting below 🙂

Coach Al