INSANITY - Week 2 & 3 plus Fit Test Result -

INSANITY – Week 2 & 3 Review (plus Fit Test)

You probably have read about my Insanity Week 1 Review here. What I want to do is to post my fit test result as well as any new workouts that I’ve done since.

Week 2 Day 6 – Cardio Abs

This was the first time we did Cardio Abs (right after Pure Cardio). The Insanity ab workout is roughly 16 minutes. The first half included warm-up and jumps — these were hard! The second part, however, was surprisingly calm comparing to other days. Also, it was as intense as P90X Ab Ripper X. Yet the workout was right on the money as far as targeting the abs. I could really feel it!

Week 3 Day 1 – Fit Test

Here’s my 2nd Fit Test result. The numbers that are strike through were from the first Fit Test. As you can see, I improved a bit since the beginning. I definitely pushed myself harder for the second time around 🙂

Switch jack 122 130
Power jacks 49 58
Power knees 106 120
Power jumps 30 45
Globe jumps 6 10
Suicide jumps 12 14
Pushup jacks 25 27
Low plank oblique 45 60


Today is my Week 3 Day 4 workout which is Cardio Recovery. Instead of doing that, I think I’ll do P90X Back and Biceps to maintain/build my muscles.

Dig deep folks!

Coach Al


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