INSANITY - Week 6 Review -

INSANITY – Week 6 Review

Week 6 Day 1 & Day 2 – Max Interval Circuit & Max Interval Plyo

I kicked off month 2 with Max Interval Circuit on Saturday (3/9) and Max Interval Plyo on the following day. They were INSANE! Month 1 was almost like a warm up for what’s to come in the second month. I had to take a few breaks here and there but I’m glad that I pushed through. There were a lot more upper body moves than in the first month. The moves are more complicated. Take the “full body plank” for example, it combines 4 different plank moves into a set. Took me a while to grasp what I need to do:)

I need to dig deeeeper for sure.

Week 6 Day 3 – Max Cardio Conditioning

Last night I was dragging my feet a bit before doing the day 3 workout because I was a little overwhelmed by the difficulties of the first 2 days of month 2 workout. There were tough! Well, I’m glad that I pushed play because day 3 was a little easier, IMO 🙂 While there was no set breaks in this video, some of the moves were not as intense and Shaun T. sorta gave us a little breaks by explaining the each of the moves. That gave me enough time to shake it off a bit and drank some water.

Week 6 Day 4 – Max Recovery

Yesterday I did Cardio recovery and added 30 minutes of P90X shoulders and arms and 15 minutes of ARX (Ab Ripper X) in the end. I was almost out of fuel when I got to ARX but I managed to finish all the reps with additional breaks in between.

I’m planning on starting the 2nd round of P90X after I’m done with Insanity the first week of April 🙂 Let me know if you want to join,

Week 6 Day 5 – Max Interval Circuit

I did max interval circuit last night and felt and did much better than the first time around just a few days ago. Yes, there were a lot more upper body than month 1 and I thought I was pretty strong but still had to take extra breaks every now and then. Dig deeper!!

Week 6 Day 6 – Max Interval Plyo

Hope you all have been digging deep and bringing it!

Okay, week 6 is officially in the book! I did max interval plyo last night and it was TOUGH as expected. The last 15 minutes especially drained the last bit of energy left from my body. Normally, my wife and sister-in-law (who lives with us) would do it on their own schedule and I do it at a different time (well, someone is gonna look after the kiddos). But my wife decided to do Insanity with me today. On one hand I think it helped me pushed harder because I want to look good in front of my lady LOL but on the other day, I was wearing myself out faster than usual. I guess I dug deep today!

Today is rest day but I’ll be doing the fit test that I missed a few days back. Keep digging deep everyone!

My before and after (Updated June 2013)

My before and after (Updated June 2013)

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