INSANITY – Week 8 Review -

INSANITY – Week 8 Review

Week 8 Day 1 – Core Cardio & Balance

I started week 8 with core cardio and balance. This is the same video I did two weeks back during the recovery week. Guess what? I could keep my arms up the whole time during the last move – shoulders plie. Again, the shoulders and arms work seems to have paid off 🙂

Week 8 Day 2 – Hybrid – P90X Chest Shoulders Triceps

Last night I did P90X CST and ARX. My goal was to maintain an absolute good form during the push ups and weight lifts. I went slower as a result because I don’t want to substitute form with speed which I sometimes do. It’s actually a bit tougher to go slower. I don’t have the momentum from the speed to help with the pushups or the lifts. After about 35 minutes and about 10 minutes left on the clock, I was already worn out. BUT I still managed to squeeze out 8 out of the 11 moves from ARX. All in all I was satisfied with the workout. Another victory!

Keep pushing y’all and don’t be slacking!

Week 8 Day 3 – Lost a Battle

I’ve a confession to make: I lost a battle last night because I didn’t get to workout!! Some last minute issue happened at work when I was about to leave and I ended up working until 10pm to put out the fire. By the time I get home was like 11’ish. I was and still frustrated by it But I was able to keep my diet in check and stay close to my target. 10 more days to go and I really need to finish this strong! Keep pushing y’all!

Week 8 Day 4 – Max Interval Plyo

I was determined to bring it last night so I did Max Interval Plyo — the toughest Insanity workout in my mind LOL. The reason I said it’s the toughest is because I had to take so many extra beraks during the workout. It definitely kicked my butt! The BCAA drink that I’ve been using while didn’t help me with the energy, it did help my body recover fast enough to do the next sets. Normally, my muscles would be so burned out for the last few sets but I was ready to go. Too bad the workout was so grueling that I still couldn’t do it non-stop like Shaun T wanted me to LOL.

It’s gonna get better though! Dig deep y’all!

Week 8 Day 5 – Hybrid – P90X Shoulders, Arms & ARX

I’m glad that the (work) week is almost over but hey it doesn’t mean that we can stop working out! LOL

I had to again work late last night and felt pretty tired by the time I get home. However, I didn’t skip the workout! I changed into my workout clothes, drank a bit of BCAA and off I went.

After I was done with Shoulders/Arms and ARX, I saw that the veins on my arms were ridiculoulsy pumped. I started seeing this during my first round of p90x but there werent as obvious as it’s now. I’ll be taking my post-insanity pictures pretty soon and hopefully I could win one of the beachbody challenge!

Week 8 Day 6 – Max Cardio Conditioning

Last night I did max cardio conditioning without the cardio abs because I do the ARX abs on the weight training days. I brought it, if course, and felt great afterward. Max cardio conditioning is one of my favorite insanity workouts.

Today, I’m going to do chest shoulders and triceps, and ARX. To be honest, I’m feeling a little sluggish. It could be due to the lack of sleep. My wife is out of town and I have to babysit my kids the whole weekend. I’ll try my best to breakthrough!

Week 8 Day 7 – Hybrid – P90X Chest Shoulders Triceps & ARX

So to combat the sluggishness, I ate a slice of whole wheat bread with almond butter before doing p90X CST and ARX last night. I normally don’t take naps but I fell asleep while trying to get the kids to take nap in the afternoon. I felt great afterward and ready to go again!

I didn’t follow the video last night because sometimes I think Tony talks too much LOL. Instead, I did it by looking at the workout sheet. I can pretty much memorize the moves. That’s what I’ve been doing with ARX. There were only 11 moves in ARX and I just do it on my own pace so that I can finish all the reps in every moves.

Hope you all have been bringing it!

Today’s my REST day. I’ll be starting the last week of INSANITY/P90X hybrid tomorrow (Monday).


Keep digging deep everyone!

Coach Al


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