INSANITY – Week 9 Final Review -

INSANITY – Week 9 Final Review

Mission Accomplished

Week 9 Day 1 – Fast & Furious, Fit Test

So I started my final week on Insanity last night. Instead of doing Max Circuit, I decided to do the free DVD that came with the program – Fast and Furious and also did the Fit Test.

F&F is a non-stop workout, much like pure cardio but shorter in length (~23 mins). There was a 4-5 mins stretching but the moves were all pretty high intensity. My heart rate went higher than usual (around 167). I think it could be that I wanted to push hard since (1) I was in the final week and (2) the workout is shorter. I wanted to get the most out of it.

I’ll post the fit test result in my weekly review on my site soon.

Week 9 Day 2 – Hybrid – P90X Back & Biceps, ARX

As you know for the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing the Insanity/P90X hybrid. The goal is to burn crazy calories from doing Insanity and at least maintain/condition my muscles doing P90X. So far, in the hybrid routine I’ve been doing Chest Shoulders Triceps and Shoulders/Arms primarily but I thought I should do my back too!

So last night I did the back and biceps. I haven’t dont B&B, specifically the pullups, for about 2-3 months now. I was surprised that I could do a little more pullups than what I used to. During my first round of P90X, I started off with half a pull-up LOL. I was too heavy to lift myself! Towards the end of the program, I was able to 5 with good form. Last night, I was able to squeeze out 8!

I didn’t do the whole video though. I got home late and it was already 11pm when I started. So I did about 30 minutes B&B and 15 minutes ARX. Overall, it was a great workout!

Let’s bring it and dig deep folks!

Week 9 Day 3 – Max Cardio Conditioning

I’ve been working out later in the night than I wanted to. Normally I workout at around 7pm and then have dinner but this week I’ve been working out after 9pm. Reason being I have been staying at work later and take last night for example I had to run to the store to do grocery before headed home. But hey, none of these should stop us from sticking to our workout schedule!

Last night I did Max Cardio Conditioning for 45 mins. According to the Insanity schedule I was supposed to also to Cardio Abs but since I did ARX the day before, I didn’t want to overwork my abs. I gave it some rest. But tonight is going to be Hybrid-P90X with ARX again. Can’t wait!

Week 9 Day 4 – Hybrid – P90X Back & Biceps

Happy Friday team! So last night was my hybrid night again doing P90X. I chose to do Back and Biceps again because I needed to get better at pull-ups. My arms were slightly sore from the pullup I did a couple of days ago. Thanks for the BCAA that I drink during the workout, the soreness was more like a slight discomfort. I never had a real sore since I started using BCAA about a month or 2 ago. Just to experiment a little further, I decided not to drink BCAA during last night’s workout to see if that would make a different – if there’s no different why pay for it right? (btw, it’s not a beachbody product and I’m not endorsing it)

So this morning I can feel that my back/shoulder area has a slight discomfort. Normally, the soreness don’t kick in until after 24 hours so I’ll give you guys an update tomorrow 🙂

Today’s my little girl’s 3yo birthday. I ‘m going to take a rest day to help prep for the party at the house. Hope you all dig deep and bring it!!

Week 9 Day 5 – Hybrid – P90X Chest Shoulders Triceps

Well, my daughter’s birthday party was fun last night! The kids had a blast so were the parents and my friends. We invited about 30 something people to my house so it was pretty packed. We catered some southest asian food, got wine and beer so everyone was well fed 🙂 I thought I wasn’t going to workout but I was able to squeeze in about 25 minutes doing Chest Shoulders and Tricep before the party started. You gotta work on the glamour muscles right?

Two more workouts left and I’ll be done with Insanity/P90X hybrid!

Week 9 Day 6 – Final Workout

Happy Monday TEAM!! Last night I did Max Interval Plyo to conclude my Insanity (p90x hybrid) workout!

I must say that this was one of the best workout that I’ve ever had because I was pushing pretty hard to getting through the workout knowing that this was the last for this round 🙂

And yes, I’m starting another round of P90X/Insanity hybrid tonight!! For those of you who just joined my team, please refer to the “getting started right” guide for information on how to join this challenge group and more importantly the link to the close challenge group page on facebook. I don’t want to distribute the link here because only those who I coach can join 🙂

Here’s a quick comparison of my starting and ending stats:

165 lbs
154 lbs (-11 lbs)
32″ (-2″)
Body Fat
7% (-4%)


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