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P90X3 Review – Week 1

P90X3 Workout Reviews


P90X3 Week 1 Day 1 – Total Synergistics

What a great way to start the new year by starting P90X3!! My plan was to start this on Jan 6th — that’s when our team’s challenge group is officially starting. But I couldn’t wait any longer 🙂 I decided to start on Jan 1st!! Oh yeah, bring it!! The first workout is Total Synergistic. there’s a total of 16 moves in this video. And I wasn’t familiar with many of the moves. I had to slow down and watch them before I can follow along. All in all, it wasn’t too intensive but some of the moves like the brannon boat were quite challenging. Some of the moves were modified version of the original X workout. For example, in P90X there was this Side Tri Rise…in X3 it’s called Side Rise Punch which requires you to punch through gap between your pushing arm and your body. I only burned about 200 calories. I figure I’ll get more burn as I get more familiar with the moves.

P90X3 Week 1 Day 2 – Agility X

Agility X consists of 18 non-repeating routines. It was definitely more intensive than the Total Synergistic workout. A lot more legs and plyo but it’s a compact and IMO easier version of P90X Plyometrics. It’s easier in the sense that there isn’t much of high-impact jumps that you found in P90X Plyo in there.  I was still challenged by it and burned about 420 calories in this short 30 minutes workout!

P90X3 Week 1 Day 3 – X3 Yoga

I wasn’t a big fan of the P90X Yoga because it was 1.5 hours long. So when I was introduced to the X2 Yoga, which was only 45 minutes, I enjoyed it more. X3 Yoga is way shorter! I know I’ve complained about yoga x being too long but this one is too short. I felt like it was over when I was just getting warmed up LOL! What is ironic is there’s a total of 32 non-repeating moves in this video! That was enough to help me with the soreness in my glutes and quads.

P90X3 Week 1 Day 4 – The Challenge

I feel like this workout is a simplified version of the P90X Chest and Back workout. But don’t get me wrong because it wasn’t simple or easy at all! There’s a total of 8 workouts and we do them twice (2 sets) in this video. In the warm-up session there was a push-up routine but I didn’t realize until later that it was just a warm-up. And guess what I was going ALL IN on that one set! I did 40 push ups right there. That was a bad call on my part because I exhausted my arm too early in the game and they were too fatigue to do as much of the rest of the workout as I wanted. I had to drop it down to 15, then 10 push ups in the subsequent sets LOL!! As far as pull-up goes, I was able to do 7 pull ups at first and then 4-6 in the subsequent sets. NOTE TO SELF: pace myself so I don’t get burned out too early 🙂

P90X3 Week 1 Day 5 – CVX

My heart rate was in the zone pretty much the whole time during the workout. CVX consists of 12 workouts that combined both the leg routines and upper body movement with a light-weight dumbbell (optional). We have to do 2 sets of the workouts. Tony asked in the beginning that we should use something really light…and the guy in the video was using a 12 lb dumbbell. Tony said that was the max that one should go with. I was like why?! I picked a 15 pounder and very soon found out why he said that LOL! Bear in mind that I didn’t preview any of the videos until I did the workout for the first time so there were a lot of pleasant surprises emoticon I ended up using a 10 lb dumbbell and even so I had to take some breaks during certain routines. You’ll know why when it’s your turn to actually do it emoticon

P90X3 Week 1 Day 6 – The Warrior

Today I did Day 6 – Total Warrior. I actually did most of the workouts in this video when I attended the P90x3 event held in Dallas a couple of months ago. There’s a total of 16 non-repeating moves in this video. Many of them require core and balance. Some are similar to the moves in Total Synergistic and Agility X. My arms and shoulders were/are still kind of sore from “The Challenge” workout I did on Day 4. I was already challenged by the push ups in the warm up session LOL! I could barely do 12. The rest of the moves are moderately challenging and I think I can do better as the soreness subsides when I start Week-2 next week.

Most of the workouts so far are cardio centric, except for “The challenge” and X3 Yoga.

Keep pushing play everyone! Contact Me if you’d like to join my Challenge Group.

Coach Al