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P90X3 Review – Week 3

P90X3 Workout Reviews


P90X3 Week 3 Day 1 – Total Synergistics

There were a few pullup moves. The knee up chin-up/pullup was HARD! I was only able to do 5. I did better with the rest of the moves where I matched pretty much all the reps.

P90X3 Week 3 Day 2 – Agility X

Just finished Agility X. I’m really liking this more and more. The jump knee jump and plyo lunges are still pretty challenging to me. I still needed to take short break or slow down because my quads were killing me emoticon Also, I don’t know if I did the “shuffles” correctly because it didn’t feel right. Those folks in the video did it so “elegantly” LOL. I didn’t wear my HRM last week but I did today. It measured a 440 calorie burn which I thought was pretty high. I’d be happy if I could get at least 300 out of the workout (except for yoga).

P90X3 Week 3 Day 3 – X3 Yoga

Week 3 day 3 X3 Yoga done! Nothing much to report except that I’m still trying to straighten my legs. Most of the folks I know that have done at least one round of P90X can straighten their legs pretty good during yoga. I don’t why it’s so difficult for me.

P90X3 Week 3 Day 4 – CVX

P90X3 week 3 day 4 – CVX done!! My shoulders are burning lol! I dont think I’ll be going more than 10 lb anytime soon. The straight arms straight legs move was very tough. I can’t straighten my legs for one and keeping the arms straight with the weight isn’t easy at all. But I’m getting better this time. I only took two extra few seconds breaks throughout which is much better than last week. My calorie burn was at least 420.

P90X3 Week 3 Day 5 – The Challenge

P90X3 week 3 day 5 – the Challenge done!! I lowered my numbers to 20/5 and was able to hit that target throughout except in the last round. My arms were getting pretty tired halfway through and came to almost complete muscle failure in the last round where I was able to do 14 pushups and 4 pullups. Good thing is my arms are getting really pumped up tomorrow will be “warrior” day!

Hope y’all have been nailing your goals so far. Win every single day!

P90X3 Week 3 Day 6 – The Warrior

I just did The Warrior and wrapped up week 3. My shoulders are still a little sore from the CVX workout. But sore is good. I love it! The only workout that I didn’t catch up today was the elevated push up. I was doing good for the first 30 seconds but as he was rotating only between “bottom floor” and “middle floor”, my shoulders/arms were burning big time lol!! But I’m glad that I knock out the rest without much problem…with the exception of my not-so-straight legs in the boat move and and another one where you shift your legs from side to side while on your back. Oh and in fipher(sp?) scissors.. Lol…

Tomorrow is rest day and I’ll start week 4 after that.


Keep pushing play everyone! Contact Me if you’d like to join my Challenge Group.

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