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P90X3 Review – Week 5

P90X3 Workout Reviews


P90X3 Week 5 Day 1 – Eccentric Upper

I started week 5 today with Eccentric Upper. It’s the x3 version of chest and back. I loved this workout! There weren’t many reps in each set but having both the slow and fast motion in each move was really effective. My shoulders and arms was burning big time lol. All the workouts only have about 10 reps each…including the pull/chin up which was extremely challenging. And especially when you have to do it slow! I could only do 5 chin/pull ups. I’m hoping to do better in the next couple of weeks.

P90X3 Week 5 Day 2 – Triometrics

This is by far the toughest workout in X3!! I can’t remember all the pains that I’ve felt during P90X’s PlyoX way back when but gosh Triometrics kicked my butt big time. I wish I remember the names of those moves but my quads and glutes were having serious burn and to a point that I had to skip some! What’s so great about this workout is that your knees don’t get as much impact as in PlyoX. The only “high” impact move is the last move in the burnout round where you hop from one side to another with both knees tucked in the middle. The rest of the moves are slower but they BURN! My buttcheek are quite sore right now LOL.

The workouts in phase 1 almost got me relabeling P90X3 as Shoulder Burn X3 but after Triometrics, I now have second thought LOL.

Anyway, I’m really liking the challenge so far. I’m trying to bulk up but it’s been difficult due to the limited resistance routines as well as me used to eating at a deficit. I’ve been adding 150-200 extra calories a day but I really need to do about 300-450 extra to see some meaningful gain. Small steps…

P90X3 Week 5 Day 3 – X3 Yoga

X3 yoga gave me the much needed stretch. The soreness and tightness from Triometrics pretty much went away after that. I added a couple sets of pushups and curls after that to make it a bit more exciting 🙂

P90X3 Week 5 Day 4 – Eccentric Lower

Did Eccentric Lower just now for the first time. The idea behind this eccentric workout is the same as eccentric upper where you mix both fast speed and slow speed in the muscle contraction — specifically slow speed in the negative contraction. Tony said that by working the muscle during the negative will stretch the muscle by up to 50%. And that means more muscles! And I like that!

P90X3 Week 5 Day 5 – Incinerator

Oh boy, this was the bomb!! This is the muscle pumping action that I’ve been waiting for. Remember the arms and shoulders and CST from X? This is the compact version of that! There was hardly any break and it was back to back action. My muscles are pumped up big time lol! This overtook CVX as the best workout for me so far.

P90X3 Week 5 Day 6 – MMX

Wrapped up week 5 with MMX late last night. It reminded me of kenpoX but better and more complicated. I couldn’t keep my legs straight and kicked as high during the front kicks but I tried emoticon the workout was fun and I liked the moves because it made me look like I knew martial art lol! I burned a surprising 420 calories without much efforts but pure cardio.

This has been a very good week workout wise. Block 2 is a lot more effective and enjoying than block 1 IMO.


Keep pushing play everyone! Contact Me if you’d like to join my Challenge Group.

Coach Al