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P90X3 Review – Week 6

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P90X3 Review: Week 6 Day 1 – Eccentric Upper

Started week 6 with eccentric upper. I lowered the dumbbell weight to 20 lbs for the presses, and used 10 lbs for the flies, 20 lbs for the tricep kickbacks (which was a bit too ambitious). I did so because I wanted to reserve enough energy for the chin/pull ups. I was able to increase the reps to 7 :p still nothing to brag about but better than last week. Shoulders got a good burn during the workout!

P90X3 Review: Week 6 Day 2 – Triometrics

Triometrix done! The mother of all squats!! My thighs are on fire big time LOL. There’s no other way around it. I just got to suck it up and do it. I kept telling myself that it would get better. And before I know it the workout was over 🙂 Don’t give up!

P90X3 Review: Week 6 Day 3 – X3 Yoga

I was getting a bit better with crow. But at one point my whole body almost tip/fell forward. That would’ve been bad for my wrists!!

P90X3 Review: Week 6 Day 4 – Eccentric Lower

Did Eccentric Lower like an hour ago. I’m not a fan of this particular workout to be honest. I don’t really like squats because I already did a bunch two days ago in Triometrics. It did get my heart rate up and helped burn calories so I’m not going to complain much. Tomorrow is Incinerator and I’m looking forward to it!

P90X3 Review: Week 6 Day 5 – Incinerator

Incinerator done! Again, my favorite so far. My son said that my arms are now twice the size before I started 30 mins ago emoticon of course he exaggerated a bit. But I do notice that the arms are noticeably bigger. Not a bad deal for a quick workout! Bet it would take someone at an hour visit to the gym to get this kinda result lol.

Hope you all are pushing hard and stick to the plan!!

P90X3 Review: Week 6 Day 6 – MMX

My heart rate was way up this time around. I tried to synchronize my lower body twist and ankle turns with the upper body actions. I couldn’t believe my heart rate could go as high as I did doing plyometrics. According to my HR monitor, I burned about 440 calories in just 30 minutes!



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