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P90X3 Review – Week 7

P90X3 Reviews


P90X3 Review: Week 7 Day 1 – Eccentric Upper

Eccentric Upper done!! Yes, it’s already week 7. More than half way! I’ve gained about 4 lbs so since I started but my measurements are about the same. My arms and shoulders appeared to be bigger however emoticon

P90X3 Review: Week 7 Day 2 & 3 – Triometrics & X3 Yoga

Missed the workout yesterday due to tight family schedule. So this morning I did week 7 day 2 & 3 – Triometrics & X3 Yoga back to back. It worked out great as I could use some stretching after the seemingly endless lunges and squats. I still prefer working out later in the day, however

P90X3 Review: Week 7 Day 4 – Eccentric Lower

Eccentric Lower done!! Added some eccentric upper here and there to increase intensity. My legs are still a bit sore from Triometrics. But it’s getting less sore comparing to last couple of weeks.

P90X3 Review: Week 7 Day 5 – Incinerator

Again, my arms and shoulders appeared to be bigger lol. I wonder why I didn’t get this kind of result during p90x. Maybe I was having some serious calorie deficit back then.

P90X3 Review: Week 7 Day 6 – MMX

MMX done!! I’m getting a lot better with the complicated moves and am looking like martial artist. By the end of the workout, I was completely drenched in sweat emoticon tomorrow is rest day and it’ll be recovery next week!



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