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P90X3 Review – Week 9

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P90X3 Review: Week 9 Day 1 – Decelerator

I started X3 week 9 with Decelerator. This is my first time doing decelerator. It consists of variations of pushups, pull/chinups, lunges and squads. While it doesn’t look like a cardio workout, my heart was beating rather fast after a week of recovery. I find the star pushups and the elevator pullups especially challenging. I also had to spent a bit time trying to learn the new moves.

Overall, it was a good and challenging workout. According to the schedule, we’ll need to do Decelerator once a week for the remaining weeks of the program. I guess it’s somewhat important

P90X3 Review: Week 9 Day 2 – Agility X

Agility X done! Gosh it’s been a while since I did this the last time, like over a month ago. I remember not being able to do the jump knee jump and plyo pushups very well then. I’m now able to do them without taking breaks while keeping a fairly good form. I was surprised how high off the ground I got doing plyo pushups lol!

I dont know why but I started coughing and having nasal congestion yesterday. I thought I was done with the cold last week. Maybe it was went dormant and now getting unleashed. My whole family is now sneezing and coughing lol. I slept a couple of hours this afternoon and felt a little tired for the workout. But I decided to put on my workout cloth and bam..one more day in the books

P90X3 Review: Week 9 Day 3 – The Challenge

No burnout round for me coz my arms are killing me!

I had a little fever today. Didn’t really feel like working out. But I’d hate to have to see the completion date slips again so I sucked it up. I picked 20/7 which I was able to maintain until the last two moves. I barely hit 20 for pushups and had to drop to 4 for chin/pullups.

Anyhow I’m gald that I did it!! Now I can eat my dinner, take my meds and rest

P90X3 Review: Week 9 Day 4 – X3 Yoga & ARX

I just finished X3 yoga and ARX. The yoga itself wasn’t much of a workout and since my upper and lower body are still sore so ARX fits nicely! I haven’t done much ARX since P90X and I was struggling quite a bit doing 25 reps for each set of the ab workouts. I’d say I was 75% there… definitely room for improvement.

P90X3 Review: Week 9 Day 5 – Triometrics & Incinerator

Triometrics/Incinerator done! Did my workout really late today. I had a busy schedule so didn’t get a chance to workout until almost 10pm lol. I started Triometrics but half way into it my right knee started to act up. I felt a little bruising pain underneath the knee cap but I don’t see any bruises. So to be on the safe side I switched to doing my favorite Incinerator so I can rest my knee. I got a really great workout out of that of course emoticon I’m going to try to swap out one cardio with incinerator every week for the remaining week so that I can maximize my upper body mass gain. I’m also planning to up my calories by 160-200/day…mainly from protein shakes.

I’ll let you all know how that goes. Hope y’all are kicking butts!!

P90X3 Review: Week 9 Day 6 – Total Synergistic

Total Synergistic done!! Since I did Incinerator yesterday, the upper body move from today really made my arms sore and on fire emoticon Time for some post workout protein for sure!



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