Tony Horton Shows Off P90X3 in Dallas Texas -

Tony Horton Shows Off P90X3 in Dallas Texas

I attended the Dallas P90X3 meet up this past Sunday. I was pretty wiped out from the “doubles” I did at the event. Tony Horton was the star of the show. His personality and humor was exactly like how it was in the P90X videos!

There were a couple of hundred coaches and customers attended.  And that was the first time I saw him in person. He started joking as soon as he’s got the mic on. We started with a one hour P90X3 workout. He didn’t say which x3 workout was that but I suspect it was the day one workout or a combination of the key moves. All x3 workout (except for yoga) are going to be 30 mins. For what we did today, there were 11 moves over 30 minutes and we repeated it for a second round. There were plyo moves, slow motion pushups with pauses at the top, middle and the bottom of the plank, 360 jumps/turns, jab/cross/plank (reminded me of Insanity), downward dog and knee to elbow, forehead and cross to the other side of the body,… This could very well be a quick preview of the different sessions. It was pretty tough I have to say. I felt light headed about 20 mins into the workout. Maybe I was pushing pretty hard earlier on so that I don’t suck in front of the others lol!


After the workout was lunch and a couple hours of Q&A as well as listening to a few success stories. Oh BTW, “Jimmy” from Insanity was there too. He shared his journey with us. I didn’t know he used to be the fattest kid in the class. We concluded the event with a 40 min yoga. The moves are 90% the same as yoga x and with some new moves. Don’t get me wrong, since this was shorter, he included the most difficult moves in the P90X3 yoga!! My gluts and calves were shaking so bad after not doing yoga for so long lol. I’ve posted some picture to our Facebook wall.  Here are the ones taken by the professional photographer at the event: