Focus T25 Before & After Results -

Focus T25 Before & After Results

Focus T25 Before-After Results


The great part about FOCUS T25 is that you can follow Shaun and push your hardest, or follow the modifier who’s always on screen. So even if you’re in top shape looking for a challenge to push yourself to the next level, or just starting out on your fitness journey, anyone at any fitness level can achieve exceptional results working out just 25 minutes a day!

Just look at the before and after results of these folks and see for yourself!

Focus T25 Results: Tania Got Her Abs Back

Remember Tania from INSANITY? Well she had a baby, and at the age of 40, post C-Section, she looks better than ever! You have no excuses, anything is possible with a little will power and Focus T25!



Focus T25 Results: Jamie Lost 37 Pounds in 50 Days

Jamie did a great job with Focus T25 in 50 days! The magic with Focus T25 is that you focus for 25 minutes a day, and get incredible results. Insanity like results you say? I think so! If you are looking to lose the pounds fast, Focus T25 is the workout for you. I mean seriously, I bet most of you would kill for results like Jamie got! 37 pounds in 50 days is amazing.


Focus T25 Results: Lee Packed on the Muscle

If you are looking to add muscle, Focus T25 can do that too! Seriously these results rock. Again in just 10 weeks Lee was able to lose 31 pounds and lost 13% of his body fat. Can you say incredible!


Focus T25 Results: Sean Lost 7% Body Fat in 10 Weeks

If you want to lose Body Fat fast, Focus T25 is the workout for you. Check out these amazing Focus T25 results from Sean! Sean was in decent shape to begin with, but even he admits that Focus T25 was a killer workout. The results speak for themselves. Shaun T has outdone himself and created one masterful program.



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