The Elusive Six Packs Abs - How to Get It Fast? -

The Elusive Six Packs Abs – How to Get It Fast?

Even kids have six packs!

Even kids have six packs!

If you don’t know this already, well, everyone has six packs. It’s true! They’re obscured by the layer(s) of fat that are sitting on top of it 🙂 For those who are not too overweight, you might see the outline from time to time but can never get it to fully appear. Therefore, we call that the elusive six packs. Now, how do we get six packs FAST — the washboard abs that you’ve always dreamed of 🙂 ?

Let’s Get This Out of The Way

First of all, there are still a lot of people thinking that they need to do hundreds, if not thousands, of crunches a day and everyday to see the abs. That’s plain ludicrous. Our abs are just like any other muscle groups in our body. They grow in size through the tearing and recovering process (we’ll get into this later in this post). If you keep tearing them and not giving them a chance to recover, normally 48 hours, you will likely not see the results that you wanted.

So if you’re really working the abs, don’t do it everyday. Do it every other day. If you don’t feel sore the day(s) after the abs workout, that means you didn’t really work it. (P90X Ab Ripper X is a great ab workout, by the way)

Six Packs Abs – The Biggest Secret

How-To-Get-A-Six-Pack-FastThis is arguably the most important thing you need to know – you need to lose the fat in order to reveal the abs! . If you really want to expose those deep cuts that separate the muscles, you’ve got to burn off the fat. There’s no other way around.

Doing hundreds or thousands of crunches isn’t generally the best cardio. In order to burn fat you need to create a caloric deficit. In other words, you need to use more calories (or eat less calories) than you consume, so that your body is forced to burn the excess calories you have stored as fat. “Abs are made in the kitchens” – is kind of true 🙂 P90X Fat Shredder Diet is a very good way to boost fat burn while retaining muscles.

Also, workouts like INSANITY is extremely effective in burning a huge amount of calories from your system.

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Six Packs Abs -Muscle Size

While diet is the most important factor, there is one other thing you can do (that’s right, just one): you can make your abs bigger while having a calorie deficit through exercise and/or diet.

Abs are just like any other muscle: if you want to increase size and power, add weight. People will tell you that you can work your abs every day. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. If you’re trying to grow muscle, you need to give the little microscopic tears you cause in your muscle fibers with every work out time to heal, rebuild, and grow.

If you’re worried about more abs making you look too bulky, don’t. The fact is, it’s not easy to grow muscle, and it’s really, really hard to over-grow it. Those scary-looking bodybuilders don’t get like that by accident, and neither will you.


In P90X Ab Ripper X, there are 12 different moves and a total of 330+ reps in the 16-minute workout. It uses your body weight and is rather challenging for the beginners. In the first month of so of the program, I recommend that you focus on getting moves correct and finishing all the reps.

Once you’re familiar with the moves, you can try to focus on sqeezing the muscles further in each of the contraction and lifting your legs highers in some of the moves. This is to maximize the microscopic tears. It’s important that you take your time (but not taking extra breaks in between) to do all the reps in perfect form since you don’t use additional weight.

As you get stronger and find that you can generally finish all the reps and can even do more, try to add some weight, e.g. 10-15 lbs dumbbells, to Mason Twists and to other crunch-like moves This not only increases the difficulty by working your muscles harder, it also promotes core balancing. And guess what, more weight means bigger muscles.

Ultimately, it’s generally best to build a routine that favors higher-weight/fewer reps for size, working bit of low-weight/high-reps in there every now and then for endurance and stamina. That will get your six pack poking through.

Oh and don’t forget about the calorie deficit — the most important thing you need to know 🙂

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