Shakeology Price Increase - Lock In the Price NOW! -

Shakeology Price Increase – Lock In the Price Before April 1st 2013!

Last-Minute Reminder

On April 1st 2013, the price of the whey formulations of Shakeology (regular chocolate and greenberry) are going to increase from $119.95 to $129.95 retail ($89.95 to $97.95 coach price) plus shipping & handling (around $12). This will make them the same price as the vegan formulations.  If you use the vegan formulations, there is no change.  But if you currently use the regular chocolate or greenberry, YOU CAN LOCK IN AT THE ORIGINAL PRICE for L-I-F-E and get FREE SHIPPING. That’s a $22/month savings. I’m going to tell you how so read on!

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A Little Background

The price of Shakeology has been the same ($119.95) since it’s inception over 4 years ago, despite the fact that it has undergone several improvements and enhancements in it’s formulation which costs money.

Inflation and costs have caught up with us to the point that a bump in price was inevitable. The options were either to raise the price of regular Shakeology to $129 and making all formulations the same price), or start charging shipping on all Shakeology HD (Home Direct) orders.

Getting free shipping through HD is a big deal to most of the users, and I’m sure it’s a big deal to all of you as well. So the decision was made to raise the price of regular Shakeology from $119.95 to $129.95 – now all flavors are the same price. But we still get free shipping on HD.

Lock In The Current Price Before April 1st 2013

shakeologyBeachbody is waiting until April 1st 2013 to implement the price change, and so we have a whole month to plan. ANYONE who is already on a Home Direct order of Shakeology will have that price LOCKED IN forever as long as you stay on that order. In other words, if you are a fan of regular chocolate Shakeology, you can order it here on HD before April 1st and you won’t be affected. You will be grandfathered in to that price as long as you wish to stay on Shakeology HD for regular Chocolate or Greenberry.

I’m telling you all of this now, over a month ahead of time, because I want to give you plenty of time to get your Shakeology order locked in on HD at the current price for life. You won’t be affected at all by the price change.

Ultimately, we all wish prices could stay the same forever. But inflation happens. That’s life. Costs increase. For some perspective, when Beachbody first launched Shakeology several years abo, gas prices were less than $2… How much do you pay for gas now?? As fuel and transportation costs go up over time, that impacts every raw ingredient price and has resulted in annual shipping rate increases. It’s always tough to deal with a price increase, but Beachbody has done all they can do to deliver Shakeology with uncompromising quality and at a consistent value over a long period of time. I appreciate that Beachbody is giving us enough heads up that those of us who want the current price can lock it in and ensure we keep it despite the fact that for long term viability the price has to go up a few bucks.

An important component of keeping the locked in price will be that your order must remain active. You can’t put it on hold or cancel it. You CAN change between bags and packets, or change from flavor to flavor, and keep the locked in price as long as you keep your order active without cancelling it. So don’t wait, lock in the original price and get free shipping now.

TIPS: if you ever want info on how to save even more money on your Shakeology with a coach account, send me an email at [email protected] and I can explain to you how that works.  The retail price you can lock in at is $119.95, but the coach price is $89.95. But do so before April 1st, 2013!

Order Shakeology on Home Direct at Discount Price >>

Become a Coach and get Shakeology at Coach Price >>

Below are the FAQ’s from Beachbody (which I think I’ve summarized already above, but just in case you have further questions)

I heard the price of Shakeology is going up. Is that true?

Yes. Effective April 1, 2013, the price of Chocolate (regular ONLY) and Greenberry will increase by $10—from $119.95 to $129.95.

When does the price increase go into effect?

April 1, 2013

How does this affect cost per serving?

Currently, the cost per serving (to a customer) is about $4.00. That will only increase by 33 cents to $4.33—which is still in line with daily cost of a Starbucks® latte, Naked® fruit drink, or other routine purchase. Only Shakeology is a WAY better value.

How much will I save by locking in the original price on HD?

$22/month! ($10 per order + $12 on shipping and handling)

Will the increase affect bags, single-serve packets, and combo packs?

Yes. All of the above.

Which Shakeology flavors will be affected?

ONLY Chocolate (regular) and Greenberry. The price ($129.95) of our Vegan flavors will not change.

Will the price increase affect Challenge Packs?

No. Challenge Pack prices will not change after April 1st, regardless of which Shakeology flavor your customer chooses. However, after the initial Challenge Pack purchase, the monthly price will be $129.95.

I’m already on HD for Chocolate or Greenberry. Will I be subject to the price increase?

Good news! If you’re already on HD for either Chocolate or Greenberry (or alternating), you will NOT be affected by price increase. You’ll continue to pay $119.95/month for life—as long as you never cancel your HD subscription.

I bought Shakeology before, but I’m not currently on HD. Will I be able to lock in the original price after April 1st?

No. Whether you purchased previously or not, if you’re not on HD before April 1, 2013, you will be subject to the new price. In fact, after April 1st, ALL new one-time purchases and HD subscriptions will cost $129.95.

Why is the price of Shakeology going up?

We’re raising the price for three reasons: 1) to counteract the rising costs of fuel, shipping, and ingredients, 2) so we can continue to offer FREE shipping with HD orders, and 3) to preserve the integrity of our ingredients (rather than skimping or ordering from lower quality sources).

Please help spread the word and let your family and friends who are interested in Shakeology know about this price change so that they can make an intelligent decision.

Coach Al


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