INSANITY - Week 5 Review -

INSANITY – Week 5 Review

Week 5 Day 1 & Day 2 – Core Cardio & Balance

The recovery workout relatively slow pace than the other Insanity workout. It’s also slightly shorter (~ 37 mins). For the most part the workout are pretty easy but each move is done in a slower manner so it felt like it worked on the muscles and core a bit more. I actually didn’t break a sweat until after the stretching. The toughest moves were probably the last 2 — the one-legged leg lift and pulses and the shoulder/arm circles and pulses (can’t recall the names).

Overall, I enjoyed it. I also added P90X ARX in the end to work on my abs a bit more.

Week 5 Day 3 – Core Cardio & Balance

Last night was my day 3 of receovery. I again did the core cardio and balance. The shoulder pulses and arm lifts really burned! I tried not to lower my arms during that few minutes and kept telling myself “it’s just a few more second…keep at it…you’re almost there”. The burn didn’t get better but it didn’t get worse either 🙂 I was able to do it all without taking breaks! I felt great after that and proud of myself.

After the recovery workout, I did another 25 minutes of P90X shoulders and arms. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been experimenting with Purple Wraath BCAA so I wanted to see if it could help me push harder. So far I like the result. I felt that my muscles were ready to go again after a short break. All in all, it was a great workout.

Week 5 Day 4 – Core Cardio & Balance

Last night I did core cardio and balance again. Boy, I can get used to this 🙂 It’s getting easier and I was able to push through the arm plie moves. It still burned but I tried to focus on something else to take my mind off the burning sensation LOL.

2 more days left in the recovery week and I’ll be moving on to month 2!

Week 5 Day 5 – Core Cardio & Balance

5 down and 1 more to go! I killed the core cardio and balance last night and it felt great!

My biggest nemesis — shoudlers plie — is not much of a challenge now. It still burns but I was able to keep my arms up the whole time.

Tonight, I’ll be doing the last core cardio and balance. Tomorrow will be rest day before I move on to month 2 of INSANITY.

Week 5 Day 6 – Core Cardio & Balance

I’m finally done with my recovery week! However, instead of doing core cardio and balance last night, I thought I would work on my muscles a bit so I did P90X chest shoulders triceps and ARX :p I’ll be starting Insanity month 2 tomorrow.

I did a quick measurement last night and posted my result here.

When I started Insanity on 2/1, I was 165 lbs and 34″ waist. Last night, my waist measured 32″, weight 159 lbs and body fat down to 8%!!

Keep digging deep everyone!

Coach Al

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