INSANITY - Week 7 Review -

INSANITY – Week 7 Review

Week 7 Day 1 – Max Cardio Conditioning
I have a confession to make: I was supposed to start week 7 on Saturday but that was the only time in the past 160 days that I had to miss a workout due to schedule! My son had soccer game in the morning and right after we got home we had to go do grocery to prepare for a party that night. We were out and about for the whole day and didn’t get home until 4pm. That’s when we had to start cleaning and prepping :p The party didn’t end until later that night. Yikes! No more partying, well, at least not ones that we have to prepare a bunch of food 🙂

So on Sunday I did max cardio conditioning. Again this was a little less intense workout for me. I managed to finish it with some additional breaks in between.

Week 7 Day 2 – Hybrid – P90X Chest Shoulders Triceps

Okay, instead of doing Insanity max interval circuit last night, I did p90x chest shoulders triceps. I want to start incorporating more p90x weight lifting into the last 2 and a half weeks left on Insanity. The reaon is my body fat is down to 8% and I figure I need to maintain some muscles. I’m currently on a 1700 fat shredder diet and so far I average about 1 lbs of weight loss every week. At this rate I feel like my muscles have shrunk (along with losing fat) since I started Insanity. I want to make sure that my hard earned muscles are at least maintained by the end of this program. Therefore, I chose to do a hybrid between Insanity and P90X. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Week 7 Day 3 – Max Interval Circuit

Last night I did Max Interval Circuit. While it was almost an hour long, I’m starting to like it. There’s more upper body and core in this video than that of max interval plyo – which I don’t hate but I prefer the more balanced moves in max circuit. I burned a whopping 800+ calories in that workout! Maybe because I enjoyed doing it and therefore pushed harder 🙂 Tonight, I’ll go back to my hybrid — p90x shoulders and arms plus ab ripper x.

Week 7 Day 4 – Hybrid – P90X Shoulders & Arms & ARX
I did shoulders and arms and ARX. My arms were still a little sore from 2 days ago and I wore out before I could do the last set. I did up my weight to 35 lbs for the curls, except for the 16-rep in and out I used 20 lbs, and 25 lbs for the tricep kickbacks. For the shoulder presses I kept it at 30 lbs. My shoulders are kinda weak lol.

ARX still kicked my butt. IMO it’s more effective than the Insanity cardio abs. What do you guys think?

Week 7 Day 5 – Rest

I took my rest day yesterday which is a few days earlier than what I had plan. There’s no excuse but it was due to a last-minute schedule conflict. I plan on pushing hard and finish week 7 here in a couple of days.

Week 7 Day 6 – Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs

I did max cardio conditioning and cardio abs last night. Again, max conditioning is one of my favs because it’s not too long and intense lol! Before I knew it the video was almost over. I guess I could push harder next time! I did p90x ARX the other day and gave it a rave review so I decided to give cardio abs another go. Oh well, ARX is still more effective IMO. 🙂

Week 7 Day 7 – Hybrid – P90X Shoulders & Arms

p90x shoulders and armsSince I took the rest day earlier than planned other day, I went on and did the 6th workout of the week to wrap up week 7. I have two 2 more weeks left on Insanity/P90x hybrid!

I did shoulders and arms today per my plan to alternate Insanity and P90x. This seems to be working out great so far. I can see that my upper body especially the arms are getting really ripped now. The abs are getting more obvious day by day. While the progress is slow (since we can’t spot reduce fat), it’s progress nonetheless.


Keep digging deep everyone!

Coach Al


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