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P90X – Week 9

I’m currently 4 days into my P90X week 9.

The rest and recovery week last week reset my body and helped with the muscle grow. I felt the soreness again in my arms, shoulders, and lats after the Chest and Back workout. Muscle confusion is definitely working!

While there’s still no sight of the 6 packs, the outline is more visible. I compared my Day 1 picture with my current one, what a huge difference!

I’ve also cut back on my caloric intake from 1900/day to 1800/day, and also revert to the Fat Shredder diet to speed up the fat lose.

So far, I’ve lost 16 LBS and about 8% of body fat since I started. 4 and half more weeks to the end of the program. Can’t wait!

Here’s a post about what to expect during P90X.

** Added 1/17/13: You can see my final P90X result here.

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