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P90X3 Review – Week 12 – Mission Accomplished

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P90X3 Review: Week 12 Day 1 – Decelerator & ARX

Decelerator done!! I was really pushing for exceeding 10 pull/chin ups since I find myself hitting 7/8 quite easily nowadays. But once I get to 10 I couldn’t push further. I think it’s more of a mental thing. I tried very hard to get my feet up in the crane cracker pushups and was able to do 3 and held for about 1.5 secondsemoticon my arms are done after that lol. I did about 7 out of the 11 moves from ARX in the end. I’m feeling great!

P90X3 Review: Week 12 Day 2 – MMX

MMX done!! I’m super duper sweaty! Lol. Never sweat this much in X3 until now. Let’s kick some butt!!

P90X3 Review: Week 12 Day 3 – Eccentric Upper

My shoulders and arms are on fire. Time for double-scoop protein isolate emoticon I started doing 10 pull up and chinups but after other arms and shoulders moves, I was only able to do 4 vaulter pullups in the end. And I was completed wasted before the burnout lol.

P90X3 Review: Week 12 Day 4 – Triometrics

Triometrics done!! The leg workouts are always the killers. No matter how many rounds I’ve done it, I still hate it lol!! Two more workouts to go to wrap up X3.

P90X3 Review: Week 12 Day 5 – Incinerator

I replaced pilates X with my favorite Incinerator!! No ARX for me today. I’m exhausted!! #pushedhard #nevergiveup

P90X3 Review: Week 12 Day 6 – Eccentric Lower

I wrapped up X3 last night doing eccentric lower. Like I’ve said many times prior I dont like to work the legs. But I do understand that they’re our large muscles, working them will ensure that our body continues to burn extra calories after the workout.

I’ve been puzzled by the fact that no matter how hard I worked my arms (until failure of course), I haven’t been experiencing much soreness in the following days. My arms are getting bigger there’s no doubt. So one thing I did differently was I increased my protein intake from one scoop to two right after the workout. I’m pleased with my result from this roundemoticon

I’m going do recovery for a week or so, and immediately starting a hybrid of X3 resistance and T25 until I start Body Beast lean.


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