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P90X3 Review – Week 2

P90X3 Workout Reviews


P90X3 Week 2 Day 1 – Total Synergistics

I finally felt it this time around! I was pushing harder especially in the two pullup routines. The leg lifts during the pullups were no jokes! I only managed to do about 6. One of my objectives this round is to gain a bit mass. I have a feeling that I might need to add some weight routines outside of X3. Again I’ll see if I really need that after I start block 2.

P90X3 Week 2 Day 2 – Agility X

I sweat a lot more this time around which is a good sign. My abs are also a bit sore from yesterdays workout so the core and balance are doing its magic 🙂 I’m actually still learning the moves in Agility X. I did okay with the “cross, left, front, etc..” But I have hard time keeping my balance in tap toe skater. The last move – plyo pushups is probably the toughest. My chest and shoulders are still a bit sore from last week lol.

I’m actually looking forward to X3 yoga tomorrow…a little break from what has been a cardio and core heavy schedule in block 1.

P90X3 Week 2 Day 3 – X3 Yoga

This was the second time I did X3 Yoga. I’m starting to like it more…a lot more than Yoga X for sure. My main challenge with yoga is I can’t straighten my legs as much as I like. This actually is a challenge in the cool down session of all the workouts where I’m supposed to bend towards the knee while keeping the legs straight. Another difficulty is the “Crow”. I was only able to hold the post for about 4 seconds before I started to fear for over straining my wrists LOL. I tried to make the most out of the short 30 minutes workout and I did I got what I wanted out of it — relaxation (after the workout, of course)!

P90X3 Week 2 Day 4 – CVX

Got done with CVX and right after that I did Total Synergistics with my wife! She just started X3 yesterday so I thought I’d do it with her to show support. Boy that was rough! I was already sweating like crazy, and got my shoulders burning from doing CVX lol.

P90X3 Week 2 Day 5 – The Challenge

I picked 20/10 (pushups/pullup) as my number for the workout. Last week, I was too ambitious with the first set of pushup and ended up hurting the rest of the workout. So this time I picked 20 for the pushup hoping that I could go farther than last week. And I did…by just a tad LOL. I was able to maintain at 20 for 3 sets and then dropped to 15…then 10. Pullup wise, I hit 10 the first time but struggled to get past 6 in the subsequent sets. I thought I was gaining strength by lifting heavier weights in the months leading up to this. But that didn’t seem to have benefited my muscle endurance.

So I started doing some research and guess what it pointed me back to square one. One of the benefits of the P90X series is to increase our endurance by combining cardio and weight training. Cardio especially plays a big role in increasing our muscle endurance. While my weight training in the past few months helps improve my strength but the lack of cardio hurts my muscle endurance. The good news is we’re doing both cardio and weight in X3!

P90X3 Week 2 Day 6 – The Warrior

I wrapped up week 2 with the warrior. According to my HRM, I burned about 440 calories! About the same amount of calorie burn as T25 lol. Since this was the second time I did this DVD, I was more confident and challenged myself to do all the reps as instructed in the video. Oh well, that was a wishful thinking lol. Why? Because I had to take a break during the sphinx push up and in a few other isometric moves. It wasn’t easy at all. I do like this workout however. It got my HR up, as well as worked on my ab/core.

Can’t believe I’m already done with two weeks. I always say surviving the first two weeks of the workout is one of the most crucial factors in determining if someone would finish the whole workout. I’ve seen many folks gave up just after a few days due to soreness, or somehow thought a couple of workouts was good enough or simply got lazy. The moment we start to find excuses is also the moment that we can decide to overcome our fundamental darkness. Decide to not give up. Decide to accomplish feat…one workout at a time. We’ve decided to take a plunge, why give up halfway right 🙂


Keep pushing play everyone! Contact Me if you’d like to join my Challenge Group.

Coach Al