Tips for Taking Before/After Photos -

Tips for Taking Before/After Photos


Whether you’re just starting your fitness programs like FOCUS T25, P90X, INSANITY and etc., you want to make sure that you take some good BEFORE, DURING and AFTER photos.

Beachbody wants you to make sure that you get great before and after photos if you want to enter the Beachbody Challenge. And we have had TONS of team members bringing home the $500 prize and even going on to win monthly and quarterly prizes ($1000 and $5000 – BIG TIME $$$). All for working out and making such a positive and powerful change. But you gotta make sure you’ve documented your progress well with a good set of before pics and a knockout set of jaw dropping after pics!!

I know first hand how bad photos could blew your chance of even getting considered 🙂 So use these tips for taking before/after photos!